Food Odyssey

KSEVT Dining Experience

Wenn ein kleines Museum in Slowenien mehr Gäste anziehen will, muss es sich etwas einfallen lassen. Studenten der AA Visiting School Nanotourism arbeiteten mit der lokalen Gastronomie zusammen und entwickelten außergewöhnliche ‚Dining Experiences‘.

Er isst mit dem Mund. Direkt vom Teller … direkt von der Wand. Darf er! Der Student der AA Visiting School Nanotourism wirkte beim ‚Dining Experience‘ mit. Das Projekt, Teil eines Sommer-Workshops, erweiterte temporär die Ausstellung ‚Space Technologies‘ im Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies, kurz KSEVT. Das Kulturzentrum im 800-Seelen-Dorf Vitanje in Slowenien will Besucher anlocken. Regionales trifft Internationales. Mehr davon.

Gastronomy at KSEVT

The Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies, KSEVT, has been since its erection in 2012 a bold landmark in the tiny Slovenian village of Vitanje. KSEVT has a an important public significance in the domain of exploring the cultural aspects of outer space and generates social, cultural, and scientific activities, with fixed and temporary exhibitions, conferences and educational events. And like so many cultural institutions, galleries and museums it is heavily underused public infrastructure. With its limited opening hours, bound to the current programme, it offers unconsumed potential that AA Visiting School nanotourism is exploring already the third consecutive year of its experimental teaching programme.

Previously the AA Visiting School nanotourism has turned KSEVT into a Hotel exploring the 3D sleeping in 2014 and has used it as the Playground triggering unconventional body movement to make users understand gravity in 2015. In 2016, in intense collaboration with the local community, they have opened possibilities for KSEVT to offer in addition to the exhibition programme a site-specific experience of fine dining and wine tasting. With two international groups of students they developed in full scale two projects that integrate KSEVT with local existing gastronomic production and offer repetitive culinary experience for local community and daily visitors.

Food Odyssey, KSEVT Dining Experience

The project proposes KSEVT as a functioning venue for a site-specific dining experience. As an extension of the exhibition of space technologies, or as a stand-alone event, eating becomes a rather different encounter with food as we know it. In collaboration with the KSEVT management and the local Restaurant Gastuž, they carefully analysed the sensorial and spatial qualities of the building in relation to its programme.

As a result a set of eating scenarios has been developed, where the traditional notion of dining has been subverted by the KSEVT’s architectural and programmatic implications and where the topic of gravity and outer space human experience play a pivotal role in how the food is served and how you consume it. Simultaneously, this rigorous research and experimentation has also stimulated the collaborating team of chefs to re-interpret their local cuisine to create site-specific dishes, made exclusively for gastronomic events in KSEVT.

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